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The art of Michael Lees

Painting in action - the detail of the painting starts.

Later this week the details of the foreground and the river will develop

"The weather has been glorious each day, this is a great advantage when painting outside, however one has to choose a particular time of day otherwise the shadows will be cast in different directions. I learnt that lesson many years ago when I looked at a painting once I arrived home and saw diametrically opposed shadows!

how to paint background

I have chosen about mid morning with the sun backlighting the scene, with the distant hills in a blue haze.

Later in the day the sun moves around and shines directly on the hills which makes them too bright and distinct for what I am trying to achieve.

  how to paint background 2
how to paint background 4
Now the sky and the background woods and houses are done I can concentrate on the river and the foreground.

This piece of work is my pallet. It shows the colours I am using in my painting.


Once I framed a pallet I used for an earlier painting - and exhibited it.


how to paint, the pallett
I have now done the foreground. Click on the picture to see it develop"

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