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The lifeboat, Louisa, being towed by a team of horses to launch for a rescue by night in a gale
'Overland Launch'

The Presentation Print
and the story of the picture

This print is one of a limited edition of 950. It is a lithographic print and the normal print size is approximately 24 x 16.5 inches. As it is a lithographic print it cannot be made to your specification, but

  • The print is signed personally by Michael once he is happy with the quality
  • It is a numbered Limited edition
  • The print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • It is accompanied by the exceptional story behind it so you can entertain the friends to whom you show it - see below.
  • The print is flat packed to make it easier for framers. Unless you are outside the UK in which case it is sent in a roll for additional security. Michael normally completes your print and despatches it to you within two working days.

An email newsletter tells you which prints are rare. Typically it features one print and tells the story behind it. It tells collectors the latest painting Michael is working on and the latest print he is producing. It describes where Michael's paintings are being exhibited and selects a charity print supporting farmers, lifeboats, dartmoor ponies or hospice charities to show how that print is making a difference. The newsletter is free and you can unsubscribe at any time. Please click on the link to be kept in touch with Michael's work.

The Story of the Painting

The painting commemorates the famous occasion when an onshore gale and huge seas made launching the Lynmouth rowing lifeboat from her normal beach impractical. The whole village and a team of horses turned out and towed the boat up the notorious, very steep Countesbury Hill and then down Porlock Hill. They had to widen the rough track they used as they went.

They launched the boat from a sheltered beach upwind of the wreck and rescued the square-rigged ship Forest Hall as she was being blown up the Bristol Channel with a damaged rudder. They were unable to return to their home port that night so they rowed to a port in Wales, and returned the following day.

The painting was painted from life as Michael was commissioned to paint the hundredth anniversary re-enactment of the event. The lifeboat used in the re-enactment came from the Isle of Wight Museum and was transported on the low loader that took the modern Clovelly lifeboat to the Isle of Wight for refurbishment and repair. The horses were local Shire horses. In order to paint the seas correctly he spent hours on the Lynmouth coast watching gales at sea at night.

Michael met many relatives of the original crew, and likes the personal stories they told. He met Anthony, whose great aunt was born on that night. His great aunt's father told her mother he had to help the rest of the village pull and launch the lifeboat and could not attend the birth. On his way home the following day he was tempted by the pubs they passed. On return home he was greeted by his new daughter, and told his wife that they should name her Louisa, after the lifeboat. His wife told him exactly what she thought of him, his absence and the lifeboat. His great aunt was not named Louisa!


If you are not delighted with the print post it back to us and we will refund your complete outlay with no questions asked. If the print is damaged in transit then contact us and we will replace it.


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