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Halifax Bomber at dispersal with crew
'The Last Flight'

The Presentation Print
and the story of the picture

This print is one of a limited edition of 250. It is a lithographic print and the normal print size is approximately 23 x 15.5 inches. As it is a lithographic print it cannot be made to your specification, but

  • The print is signed personally by Michael once he is happy with the quality
  • It is a numbered Limited edition
  • The print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • It is accompanied by the exceptional story behind it so you can entertain the friends to whom you show it - see below.
  • The print is flat packed to make it easier for framers. Unless you are outside the UK in which case it is sent in a roll for additional security. Michael normally completes your print and despatches it to you within two working days.

An email newsletter tells you which prints are rare. Typically it features one print and tells the story behind it. It tells collectors the latest painting Michael is working on and the latest print he is producing. It describes where Michael's paintings are being exhibited and selects a charity print supporting farmers, lifeboats, dartmoor ponies or hospice charities to show how that print is making a difference. The newsletter is free and you can unsubscribe at any time. Please click on the link to be kept in touch with Michael's work.

The Story of the Painting

Michael was a pilot in the 1970s and flew Victors, not undergoing the same dangers as the crew of the Halifax in 1943, but certainly experiencing the same inner feelings of aircrew before a demanding flight.

In The Last Flight the ground crew have prepared the aircraft and are clearing the dispersal of unwanted ground equipment. The aircrew have planned and briefed and have a few minutes to spare before the pre-flight checks begin. The Flight Engineer and the Engine Mechanic are discussing a slight overheating problem on No.3 engine. The remainder of the crew chat quietly, not in the boisterous tones that will come from those who return safely many hours later, but with a reserve metered by the unknown, a slight knot in the stomach as they wonder what the flight over Germany will bring. All have experienced it many times before - their minds are not really on the idle chat between friends, but are at 15,000 feet as the darkened coast drifts beneath a wing, thinking through every eventuality, every potential emergency.

Shortly they will climb the steps into the aircraft where the smells of fuel, ozone, paint and sweat mingle in this familiar environment. The engines will cough then crackle into life. They will taxi out, joining the other squadron aircraft, awaiting their turn. As the throttles are opened fully the machine will snarl to a crescendo, as the brakes are released and L for Love; will rumble down the runway at RAF Snaith to lift into the gathering night.


If you are not delighted with the print post it back to us and we will refund your complete outlay with no questions asked. If the print is damaged in transit then contact us and we will replace it.


Michael's Limited edition works of art tend to sell out and we regularly get people searching for sold out prints so ensure you order your print before it sells out.

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