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pilgrim Fathers set sail from Bayard's Cove. Picture of steam launch and working boat
'The Boat Trip'

The Presentation Print
and the story of the picture

This print is one of a limited edition of 495. It is a giclee print on museum quality paper with a slightly structured soft-textured surface as in a traditional fine art paper. The paper is acid free with a weight of 315gsm.

The normal print size is approximately 22.5 x 14.5 inches, but, as this is a bespoke piece of art, the artist can produce it for you at a smaller size so that it can hang in that ideal position in your house or will be the best size for a gift.

A bespoke picture can have your loggo, or wording placed on it, a superb solution for a presentation gift.

  • The print is signed personally by Michael once he is happy with the quality
  • Limited edition prints are numbered.
  • The print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • It is accompanied by the story behind it so you can entertain the friends to whom you show it - see below.
  • The print is flat packed to make it easier for framers. Unless you are outside the UK in which case it is sent in a roll for additional security. Michael normally completes your print and despatches it to you within two working days.

An email newsletter tells you which prints are rare. Typically it features one print and tells the story behind it. It tells collectors the latest painting Michael is working on and the latest print he is producing. It describes where Michael's paintings are being exhibited and selects a charity print supporting farmers, lifeboats, dartmoor ponies or hospice charities to show how that print is making a difference. The newsletter is free and you can unsubscribe at any time. Please click on the link to be kept in touch with Michael's work.

The Story of the Painting

The painting is in Bayard's Cove in Dartmouth. The quay is very old and some of the buildings are Elizabethan. This is the quay that the Pilgrim Fathers initially set sail for America. They were in two ships, the Mayflower and the Speedwell. The Speedwell sprung a leak after about 100 miles and so both ships put into Plymouth. It is said that the crew of the Speedwell had no wish to go to America and so they were the ones who caused the leaks, indeed it is also said that no further leaks occurred on their return to Chatham!! All were loaded onto the Mayflower - which then set sail alone to America and the history books.

Alexander Mr Philip owned the steam launch shown in the painting and called her the Eva. Philips boatyard was a highly respected boatyard in Dartmouth that built many lightships, including the Helwick (see the painting 'Leaving the Helwick') .. They also built the last Royal Navy sailing ship just before the last war. It had no ferrous metal and was designed to carry out surveys and trials involving degaussing and magnetic fields. It was completed but never rigged and was broken up after the end of the war. The father of Mrs Audrey Hinks, who runs the gallery that sells Michael's original paintings, designed the ship and Audrey was brought up in a house on the hill behind Bayard's Cove.

The other boat is a typical working boat used in Bayard's Cove.

The story of the painting is that the family are going for a boat trip on the Dart. The son is convinced that they are going on the smart steam yacht, whereas his older sister is more canny and knows that the trip will be on the less glamorous working boat!

The reddish building is the Old Customs House and now has an extra storey added.

The television series, the Onedin Line, was filmed in Bayard's Cove.


If you are not delighted with the print post it back to us and we will refund your complete outlay with no questions asked. If the print is damaged in transit then contact us and we will replace it.


Michael's Limited edition works of art tend to sell out and we regularly get people searching for sold out prints so ensure you order your print before it sells out.

To purchase this unique print with a Certificate of Authenticity, made personally for you and signed by the artist, with the story behind the print at the affordable price of £48 (plus postage and packing) click one of the options below.

Purchase on the web with secure payment:

Click on 'Add to Basket' to buy the standard size print (22.5 x 14.5 inches approx)

Purchase a picture with your inscription at a size you choose

Email us with the name of the picture, your inscription and any larger or smaller size you want. Any inscription you choose will be shown in the bottom border along with Michael's signature and any limited edition number.

We will email you back to confirm the details, and ensure there is no confusion. We will also ask for the delivery address and send details of secure payment.

Michael needs you to tell him the horizontal width excluding the border. But when deciding on the size read the note below.

Size considerations:

  • The proportions of width to height remain the same whatever the size so tell us the width of the image and the height will automatically resolve itself.
  • The pictures have a border which varies depending on the size of the image so if the total width (including image and border) is important to you then please let us know and we will confirm the details with you.
If you want the picture cropped please contact us to discuss your requirements


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