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The art of Michael Lees

Paintings of Working Sail (1)

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Limited edition prints of working sail made personally for you. Each print is a unique, personalised gift and you also get the story based on personal experience and research. A bespoke, personalised, signed print is a unique, affordable gift ideal for a friend who delights in traditional sailing ships .


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'A fantastic painting that everyone must see'
Admiral Roy Clare Director of the National Maritime Museum - in his opening speech at the Royal Society of Marine Artists' annual exhibition - on a painting 'Stand by to Recover Aircraft' )




"The print arrived safely yesterday.   Please thank Michael for acting so promptly and the kind note he enclosed."




"Many thanks for your prompt reply."






Michael's prints have also raised tens of thousands of pounds for charities including the RNLI, the Clovelly Lifeboat, the South West Hospice, the Landmark Trust, the Provident Appeal Group, the Maritime Trust and the Island Cruising Club.





On starting his career as a professional artist in 1986 Michael held a sell out exhibition of horse racing at Newmarket





After moving to the West Country Michael had a solo exhibition covering all his subjects that sold 48 of the 50 paintings on the opening night.





Having established his reputation he finds that paintings often sell before the paint is dry




Michael's aircraft have the sense of realism gained from serving as a pilot in the Royal Air Force.


Hoshi and Provident under sail
See larger image and story

Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter
See larger image and story

Helwick light ship and ketch rounding it
See larger image and story

Wooden trading ships at sea
See larger image and story

Wooden ketch and dinghy under sail off Appledore
See larger image and story

The ketch 'Smiling Morn' under sail at Padstow
See larger image and story

Beached wooden trading ketch and horse and cart unloading limestone
See larger image and story

Square rigged trading ship making sail at Bideford
See larger image and story

Trading ship 'Kathleen and May' off Lundy at sunset
See larger image and story

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Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, the story of the Painting and the Artist's signature




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All giclee prints are printed on museum quality fine art paper




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The Customers

".. the real highlight for me was the reaction of the audience when your painting was presented. Clearly the guests were aware that we were presenting some form of picture as the rear of the frame was evident, but the sheer gasp of amazement when I turned it round to present was truly amazing and so uplifting. Thank you so very much." (Letter from Exxon Mobil executive after the naming ceremony of the Pavel Chernysh - a ship Michael painted in 2006.




Michael's open seas surge and dip with a movement and transparency that is based on his observations and experiences as a lifeboat crewman.




Michael's boats look right as he sails and maintains two antique dinghies and a classic sailing boat.




Michael's landscapes reflect the beautiful part of Devon where he lives; even the chickens and cows breathe life as he periodically looks after a friend's farm!


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